Active SIAM members are bolded.

SIAM Fellows: Class of 2015

Charu C. Aggarwal
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

For contributions to knowledge discovery and data mining algorithms.
Ann S. Almgren
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For contributions to the development of numerical methods for fluid dynamics and applying them to large-scale scientific and engineering problems.
Aharon Ben-Tal
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

For contributions to continuous optimization, both theory and applications, including the field of robust optimization.
Vincent D. Blondel
Université catholique de Louvain

For contributions to analysis and algorithms for graphs and networks and computational complexity analysis of control problems.
Stephen P. Boyd
Stanford University

For fundamental contributions to the development, teaching, and practice of optimization in engineering.
Fred Brauer
University of British Columbia and University of Wisconsin - Madison - Professor Emeritus

For contributions to differential equations, predator-prey systems and harvesting, mathematical epidemiology of infectious diseases, and applied mathematics education.
Franco Brezzi
Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia

For fundamental contributions to the theory, development, and practice of finite element methods, including mixed, hybrid, discontinuous, and virtual element Galerkin methods.
Fan Chung Graham
University of California, San Diego

For contributions to combinatorics, graph theory, and their applications.
Tyrone E. Duncan
University of Kansas

For contributions to stochastic optimal and adaptive control, filtering theory, and stochastic analysis.
Charles M. Elliott
University of Warwick

For contributions to the numerical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations.
Anne Greenbaum
University of Washington

For contributions to theoretical and numerical linear algebra.
William W. Hager
University of Florida

For contributions to optimal control, optimization theory, and numerical optimization algorithms.
Per Christian Hansen
Technical University of Denmark

For contributions to algorithms for rank-deficient and discrete ill-posed problems and regularization techniques.
Tamara G. Kolda
Sandia National Laboratories

For contributions to numerical algorithms and software in multi-linear algebra, optimization, and graph analysis.
Petros Koumoutsakos
ETH Zurich

For pioneering work in numerical methods and high-performance computing, multiscale modeling and computational fluid dynamics, and computational biology.
Miroslav Krstic
University of California, San Diego

For seminal contributions to control of nonlinear and distributed parameter systems.
Rachel Kuske
University of British Columbia

For contributions to the theory of stochastic and nonlinear dynamics and its application, and for promoting equity and diversity in mathematics.
Charles E. Leiserson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For enduring influence on parallel computing systems and their adoption into mainstream use through scholarly research and development.
Qun Lin
Chinese Academy of Sciences

For contributions to numerical methods for partial differential equations and integral equations.
Esmond G. Ng
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For contributions to the development, analysis, and application of sparse matrix algorithms for solving large-scale scientific and engineering problems.
Hinke M. Osinga
The University of Auckland

For contributions to theory and computational methods for dynamical systems.
Christopher C. Paige
McGill University - Professor Emeritus

For contributions to matrix computations and numerical stability analysis, including fundamental insights into the Lanczos process.
Rodolphe Sepulchre
University of Cambridge

For contributions to nonlinear control theory and nonlinear optimization.
Halil Mete Soner
ETH Zurich

For contributions to the theory of stochastic optimal control, viscosity solutions and mathematical finance.
Panagiotis E. Souganidis
The University of Chicago

For contributions to the theory and numerical solution of both deterministic and stochastic partial differential equations and their applications.
Ping Tak Peter Tang
Intel Corporation

For contributions to scientific computing infrastructure including floating-point arithmetic and elementary-function computations and in transferring technology from academia to industry.
Moshe Y. Vardi
Rice University

For contributions to the development of logic as a unifying foundational framework and a tool for modeling computational systems.
Charles W. Wampler
General Motors Company

For his pioneering work in kinematics and the numerical solution of polynomial systems.
Clarence Eugene Wayne
Boston University

For contributions to the theory of dynamical systems and partial differential equations.
Henry Wolkowicz
University of Waterloo

For contributions to convex optimization and matrix theory.
Gang George Yin
Wayne State University

For contributions to stochastic systems theory, modeling, computational methods, and applications.